3 Pricy Car Rental Mistakes One Must Avoid

Planning to rent a car for your vacation trip? Below are tips so you can evade paying premium on your vehicle.

As US citizens hit the road during summer, many of us would drive rental vehicles in various parts of the United States or the world. Often the cost of vehicle rental can be confusing, although renting a car would be quite convenient for a traveller. Here are vehicle rental missteps that can cost you some money…and tips on how you could avoid them.


Renting From the Airport

When you’re renting from an airports, this also means getting airport’s extra charges. But you can avoid these surcharges. Teri Gault, the CEO of TheGroceryGame.com and author of “Shop Smart, Save More,” suggests picking a vehicle rental service outside the airport. A lot of car rental services provides services to and from the airport and sometimes this can be even more convenient rather than booking at the airport and dealing with big crowds, and taking a car shuttle.

Paying for Extra Insurance that You Don’t Really Need or Want


Having your own car insurance may cover damages and other personal liabilities on your temporary use of a rental vehicle. Also, if you used your credit card to book for the car, then it might have a provision for secondary collision coverage. Often credit card covers pretty much anything a personal policy does not.

If you don’t possess a personal auto policy, or perhaps you’re worried about premium increase, if in case you need to file claims with your auto policy, the vehicle rental company’s insurance might come handy.


Paying for Gas

It is better to fill up yourself rather than prepaying for gas because you can almost always find cheaper fuel at nearby gas stations. Just make sure you’d fill it up as some vehicle rental service companies charge even if the gas gauge is just hair line away.

Tips for Selecting a Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is not easy, even though it seems it is. Many homeowners who do most of their yard work would tend to carry out the challenge of trimming or even cutting down the tree from their property. However, most of them would rather leave the work to professionals, considering the amount of hard labor it requires. This brings up the question – how do I find the right tree removal service to cater my needs?

Tree Service Selection Tips

You can find a lot of companies out there which provide “lawn care” services, or so they say. However, they just happen to provide services such as pruning, trimming, or even removal on the side. In order to find yourself a company which can truly provide you with a full-service tree removal, here are some tips you have to follow:

1. Go for a company which makes use of the latest tools and removal techniques

The process of tree removal isn’t just a walk in the park. With the manual tools and outdated techniques most DIY aficionados use, it could take a few days or even weeks to get everything properly taken care of. Meanwhile, a professional tree removal specialist can complete the job in just a fraction of the time. This is simply because they are well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques which allow them to perform their work quickly, not to mention efficiently. So before you decide on a local tree removal specialist, make sure you check out first if they are using the top-notch and updated equipment.

2. Make sure the company is licensed and well established

You don’t want to settle for a tree removal service which has been in the business for just a year or two. While chances are the people in the company are good at providing such service, you can’t have a guarantee if they have an established track record or are properly licensed. Instead of taking the risk by going for a startup company, choose one which has been doing business for at least 10 to 15 years. Also, make sure that your choice can provide you with proof of their license.

If they refuse to show you such certification, it’s better to move on and look for another. Keep in mind that all professional tree removal companies should possess a license to show that they’re certified by their respective state to practice such business and protect their crew in case of unforeseen injury or accident.

3. Choose a company offering full-service tree removal

When deciding which tree removal company to help you remove trees from your property, make sure to choose one which provides a full line of tree services. Refrain from companies which only offer general lawn care services. The company you choose should be one which specializes in tree care. Other than tree trimming, they must also be capable of tree pruning, land clearing, stump removal, tree removal, and even disaster clean up.

4. Check if they can provide you with a good estimate

Every tree removal company should be able to provide you with a detailed estimate regarding the total cost of tree removal based on what you specified. It is also important to ask them how much stump removal will cost, or whether it is included in the cost of tree removal or not.

Tree removal isn’t something which can be done quickly and easily, even with the help of the professionals. However, going for a tree removal service will definitely save you a lot of time, and could even keep you from the possibilities of an accident or injury.